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  Q: So, what are some of the pains you’ve seen around you? I mean, people’s life?


  A: Well, the pain around me is very different, I guess, than people in Middle America, say, on the main street losing their jobs, worrying about healthcare benefits, being able to put food on the table. For me, you know, it’s much more related to very bright, perhaps even fairly wealthy or not wealthy students here in the university now worried about finding jobs once they graduate. They come in with great expectations; they pay a lot of money for a very good education here at New York University, Stern School of Business. We attract a lot of people particularly who are interested in getting jobs in the financial sector. And now the outlook for them is much much worse than it was when they came in and what they expected. So, the pain I see now is the students having difficulties finding jobs, many of them have a lot of loans to pay off, families to support. So, this is pain at that level. And we have to do our best to find jobs in, say, non-traditional areas, rather than in the traditional investment banking, or trading, sells and trading on Wall Street. We have to find all the other alternatives for students. So, it’s our obligation too. At the same time, everyone wants to go back to school now, because they can’t get jobs. So there’s a lot of applicants for relatively selective school situation.


  Q: Yeah, a lot of viewers from China, they are considering having their MBA degree here in the United States, so, do you think it’s a good time for them?


  A: Well, yes. It is a good time, because, eh…


  Q: Since the competition is getting severe, more severe, and people don’t know what the market is going to look like two years later. Do you think it’s still a good time?


  A: Well, it’s not a good time for them if they want to get jobs here in the U.S. in two years when they graduate, if this recession is as long as we think. Some people think it’s gonna be. So, that’s a good point. They probably should wait a little bit until there is more clear when we’ll come out of the recession. Eh, if you are talking about Chinese students who have good opportunities now in China, maybe it’s the better thing to defer a year or two before coming to the United States for their MBA. I don’t think the recession is gonna last more than three years, so, by the time they come, there should be a better time to graduate. As far as going back to China afterwards, that’s hard for me to advise, because I don’t know what’s going to be the case in China in two years when they will graduate. My guess is that, you need a lot of good people, even if your growth rate falls somewhat, people who are trained now in credit, perhaps that was not an important thing before.


  Q: As for the funding of the school, do you think that you are going to cut the funding for students?


  A: We hope not. The funding for our students is very important. If the university suffers, and there is some indication that we will suffer some particular undominant investment programs, then we may have to cut back somewhat on student aid. If that’s the case, then yes, it will have a negative effect on students. But we are a private university, and I think the problem is gonna be more severe in public universities, in state, local universities that depend on municipality budgets, which are now being hit hard too. So, relatively speaking, schools like NYU are better off. But it doesn’t mean we are immune to the problem.


  Q: Ok, thank you very much.


  A: You are welcome, good luck.

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